Even so many years later it’s hard to believe that all the events of 2009 happened within the span of twelve months. It’s not that there was some enormous quantity of them, but rather that the realities were so vastly different. I went from one fully defined paradigm to another in a matter of months, setting up my trajectory for the next decade almost immediately after finishing school.

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I’ve long looked back at this year through rose-coloured glasses, regarding it almost as highly as 2005 in terms of formative moments and general good times. A closer glance reveals that while it was still an eventful and important year, the best part wouldn’t come until all the way into September. There was a lot of mundane filler on the way there.

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I spent the bulk of 2007 traveling from clinic to clinic, hospital to hospital, in a tiring and ultimately pointless search. This I didn’t mind. There were two other factors that tinged 2007 with an unpleasant shade of regret: a swing of the pendulum a little too far into extroversion, and a lack of notable achievements.

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There’s a strange air of neutrality that hangs over 2006. It was a year. Just a regular, plain year where I just went to school and worked at No Frills. I made some good friends, had some fun times, and slowly assembled myself into who I wanted to be in very small, subtle ways.

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This was the best year of my life.

There were setbacks. Bad things happened. Not everything worked out in some perfect fashion. Obviously I didn’t find love. But when I think about the year as a whole I am filled with warm feelings that few other memories provide.

You know why?

Because even the worst parts of this year were cinematic.

Everything worked towards one big story. There were big endings, big beginnings, and most importantly- a sense of possibility. The future was a wide open movie screen, a new dawn filled with golden sunlight.

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