Over the course of these retrospectives I’ve compared my life to a movie series a few times, and I’m gonna use that analogy again here: 2015 was a straight-up reboot of 2011. A low-stress period of peace and regrowth with no unwelcome surprises. I loved it. I love love love love love loved it.

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It’s hard to properly communicate what 2013 felt like. The most appropriate descriptor I can assign to it is a slight headache, with a little nausea thrown in on the side. Some important things did happen, most of which weren’t great, but none really meant much. It was bad and boring and annoying. A stale, uncomfortable period of time spent floating far too long down a lukewarm Lazy River type attraction at a theme park.

Ultimately, it was a necessary transition into a new part of my life that was unnecessarily long. A protracted prologue that really didn’t need to exist. There were very few standout moments, and if they’d been shuffled into the preceding or following years I could have entirely done without it. It was just a pointless prelude to the trainwreck that was 2014.

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I don’t especially like the song “Peace & Quiet” by White Lies. In fact, I don’t even remember what it sounds like. But because it was released at the beginning of 2011 it has inextricably linked itself to that time period and my memory of it by proxy.

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