Wrap-Up Report July 2018

point one: this is very late.

point two: this is very salty, even for me.

i had to scrap the format of good and bad songs because it was a very very dry second half of july. there is only one OK entry in the following post, and it’s for a song i’ve already talked about.

yes, that means what you think it means. there has not been one single good song released in almost a month. if you are looking for recommendations here you will mostly find songs i recommend you avoid. ok, saltiness commence.

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Covers Uncovered

I’ve written before about the tricky art of appraising a cover song, both on its own merits and in relation to the original. As cynical as it may seem, it turns out it’s much easier to say what isn’t a good cover rather than what is. There is of course that pesky ever-present quandary in the form of subjectivity, but in this realm there are some clear cut and nearly bulletproof statements one could make.

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