Who The Eff I Is


Hey there…internet…people…whatever, listen, this isn’t about you for once, so let’s skip the formalities.

My name’s Dusty. Also known as D-Man, D-Money, or D-Bag. It really depends on the level of “swagger” I’m bringing at the moment.

Are you impressed with me yet? No? Here are some things about me that might change that:

– I know the capitals of all the countries…the important ones.

– I have extra teeth in the back of my mouth that no one else has.

– I am a petulant egomaniac, chatterbox, and occasionally pretentious to an insufferable degree.

As for my negative qualities, I don’t really have any negative qualities.

Do I sound like someone you wanna associate with? Contact me at:

Screen shot 2015-07-10 at 3.32.29 PM

Here are other things I do:

I’m a TV reporter- basically the paragon of journalistic integrity. Watch me be sophisticated and eat pizza below.

Here are other Internet locales I frequent:

Instagram (wide assortment of my stuffs)

Twitter (for my transcendent wisdom)

Soundcloud (audio stuffs)

Flickr (my pictures of real life things)

Deviantart (more scribbles)

Tumblr (Taboola Ads)

Youtube Channel 1 (sketch comedy series)

Youtube Channel 2 (old sketch comedy)


Remember, always follow your heart. Unless your heart tells you to close the tab and never return to this site. Then listen to a different, smarter organ. Like the pancreas. Everyone underestimates the little guy.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Yo, I read all your comics on a single sit. I just want to say I got very identified with your experiences because I had pretty much the same happening to me from 1993 to 2002. Thanks for this. And no, I won’t say “trust me life gets better, I used to think I would never find love but blah blah” because I’m sure you’ve heard everyone say that before, and nobody can really be in your shoes. But thanks for your comics. They mean something to me. Keep drawing.

    • Thank you for your kind comments and empathy; I appreciate that you understand the circumstance. I am glad you seem to have found someone.

  2. I’ve started reading your webcomic and I really like it! Honestly it reminds me of myself . . . I often go ignored, *especially* when it comes to dating. It seriously is like that doesn’t even occur as a possibility to anyone I know. Anyway just wanted to say you’ve done a really good job with this comic, and if you ever feel the need to vent I’d be willing to listen. Or just chat.

    • Hi Natasha, thanks for stopping by. My comic technically *is* me venting, so that’s taken care of, but thanks for the offer! Sorry to hear about your misfortunes, I know the situation well and being ignored exacerbates it greatly. I hope you find a nice person soon.

  3. Hey, Dusty. Well, I just read through this comic in one sitting. I’m not exactly sure what I came here to say, except that you remind me of my best friend. And I’m around if you ever need a friend/want to chat.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Angie! Yeah, I get the “best friend” thing a lot.

      If you ever remember what you wanted to say, let me know!

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